Amime Presents

Amime Records is an indie label based in Nantes (France), mostly influenced by electronic mixed with rock and contemporary music.

Zwandania, our first effort, is out now.


Zwandania ?

Zwandania is an imaginary video game soundtrack. It’s retro gaming/chip tune music. All the album is conceived like you play an old 8 or 16 bit video game from the beginning (the jingle) to the end (the final boss). Every song is a level of the game.

What's the story ?

You are Zwan, the heroin, trying to catch the mayor of a village who contamined the river with a radioactive product turning every villager into zombie. You try to recover the antidote through the different levels (the forest, the cemetary, the moutains…) to deliver the villagers.

What's in the vinyl box ?

With the vinyl, you will find a comic explaining all the story, an hologram and an ex libris with a red tracing paper. Have fun with all those goodies made by the fantastic Adrien Thiot-Rader.

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Scopitone in Nantes – 14.09.2019


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